Salt and pepper with a twist

Simple problems have simple solutions – but sometimes it requires a carefully thought-through design to give the solution the perfect shape.

 At the bottom of the salt & pepper grinder, Crush Me, you will find such a solution to one of the small problems of everyday life: A small disc that catches the loose salt and pepper grains that otherwise end up on the tablecloth. Alternatively, you can simply turn the grinder upside down since it stands just as well on the top.

Crush Me (Black)

Crush Me is available in oiled oak or black oak.

Crush Me fine features

The tapered inner of the grinder ensures that salt and pepper are distributed evenly over the food if you hold the grinder vertically and more accurately if you tilt it slightly. If you want to swing Crush Me over hot pots and pans in the kitchen, a small disc shields it from steam, which otherwise causes salt and pepper to stick to the inside of the grinder.

Crush Me is designed in solid oak with the best of crafts traditions and features an adjustable high-end ceramic grinder from CrushGrind, which makes it very effective. The ceramic grinder is not degraded by salt, and can, therefore, grind a wide variety of spices for years.

Crush Me

Simply adjust the grain size by turning the disc at the bottom of the grinder. Crush Me are easy to refill and have a large capacity for salt/ pepper.

Crush Me

Simply adjust the grain size by turning the disc at the bottom of the grinder. Crush Me are easy to refill and have a large capacity for salt/ pepper.

No fingers in the salt

The little salt cellar deserves a renaissance on the table. We designed the small, rounded salt cellar in fine oak. It is so simple and delicate in its shape that it adds beautifully to any table layout.

Just as Crush Me, Salt Me features an ingenious design feature:

The lid protects the contents and can be slid open, which allows you to sprinkle salt without having to use your fingers.

Salt Me

The set of Salt Me and Crush Me is available in oiled oak and in black painted oak.

Salt Me

The set of Salt Me and Crush Me is available in oiled oak and in black painted oak.

Signe Wirth Engelund
Signe Wirth Engelund
Founding Partner

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Cutting Board

A new angle on the essential cutting board

The cutting board is so fundamental to each kitchen that you may not even pay attention to it and that is why we have tried to take up the challenge and do something new and different.

Our new Cutting Board series of three cutting- and serving boards, each have their own unique and functional details.

The starting point is naturally solid oak from sustainably grown forests - inch-thick and with a light oil treatment that elevates the oak's gorgeous grain patterns and provides light protection against stains.

And this brings us to the new and different take on a cutting board: The edges of the board are cut diagonally, at a 45-degree angle. This design choice gives the series a bold and different appearance reminiscent of how architects draw in perspective. In fact, it makes the boards visually pop out of the surface they are lying on.

Like all of our designs, the details are never mere decorations; the angled edges allow the boards to be placed closely together, and you can easily push finely chopped herbs from one board to another. It is also easy to grip the board and lift it from the table.

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Magnet Shelf (Smoked)

Shelf with control over knives and recipes

Magnet Shelf displays your cookbooks and is also perfect storage for your best kitchen knives.

 Magnet Shelf is the latest example of our design philosophy: designing nice-looking items with a purpose, using genuine natural materials with surprising functionality.

A simple strip in solid oak to mount on the kitchen wall. The front edge of the strip is slightly raised so it makes for a good space to display the front of your favourite cookbooks - or open to the recipe while your hands are deeply buried in dough.

You will find an add-on to the Magnet Shelf behind the sumptuous oak surface, where a row of super magnets doubles as a knife holder. The extra-strong magnets allow you to have your most-used knives at hand, while the soft oak gently ensures that the edge of the knife does not become blunt or nicked. A solution that is far more preferable than the usual mess of knives and equipment in the top kitchen drawer.

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Scala Dining Table (Nature)

Danish craftsmanship – ready to be customized by you

Many Danish furniture classics have been designed for specific or unique interiors. We pay our tribune by continuing this tradition with a functional and comfortable range of seating designed for Aarhus Theater's recently renovated Scala foyer.

The "Scala" series of stools, barstools, benches, and tables are lightweight, flexible-use seating fashioned from sustainable oak with all of the quality that goes with Danish craftsmanship. The seating has cushions upholstered in delicious fabrics by Kvadrat or covered with naturally elegant hides from Sorensen Leather.

It is just up to you to make the right combination.

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